Unveiling the Secrets of Mercury in Vedic Astrology

In the realm of Vedic astrology, the celestial bodies play a pivotal role in shaping human destiny. Among these cosmic influencers, Mercury, known as Budha in Sanskrit, stands as a planet of immense significance. Representing intellect, communication, commerce, and adaptability, Mercury holds sway over various aspects of an individual’s life, offering insights into their mental prowess and communicative abilities.

Coming to the planet as a vedic god, it is linked with fortune. Mercury or Budh will grant a good education, sharp mind and a charming appearance communication, intellect, logic, commerce, and adaptability . It is a rejuvenator and wards off any negative feelings. It also helps in keeping the pitta induced disease, melancholy and fragility. It also impacts family affairs in a positive way. Mercury is more of a positive planet. However, it can become malefic if it conjuncts with other malefic planets. Mercury is often called as the grahapati – all the lord of planets. It is the guru planet of Gemini and Virgo.

Mercury is often called as the messenger of gods in many mythological stories. It is the planet of expression and communication—many times. Mercury is an opportunistic planet. People who are good orators and can shower flattery words are ruled by Mercury. Communication is not the only thing Mercury pushes the synergy between couples. Mercury rides on air. A strong Mercury will bestow the native with good analysing skills, good social life and humour. In short, if you have a good family life, that means Mercury is gracious to you.

When Mercury is strongly placed in a horoscope, it makes the person intellectual, wise, rational with effective speech and curiosity to learn. Communication is the strong area of such a person.

But when Mercury is too strong, it represses the emotional side of the personality. Such a person tries to put logic into the situation that needs to be dealt with emotions.

Mercury when under influence of malefic planets, can be both favorable as well as unfavorable for the native. Native having a strong Mercury may have strong intelligence but they may use it in shrewd ways if under affliction.

A malefic Mercury gives the person an unstable mind, lack of rationality, speech disorders, poor articulation, learning difficulties, skin problems, issues related to the nervous system, memory issues, as well as problems in understanding and gaining the in-depth knowledge.

Such a person usually struggles in social situations due to poor expression and communication blunders.

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Unveiling the Secrets of Mercury in Vedic Astrology