How to use Nepali astrology service from abroad?

How to use Nepali astrology service from abroad?

Are you staying outside Nepal? Are you currently out of Nepal for special work? Or if your friend, relative or acquaintance is outside Nepal and you are looking for a qualified astrologer? you can easily take astrological services by taking care of the following points.

1, Select a time
Select the time that suits you and request that time. We will arrange to consult with the
astrologer Guru at a time of your convenience.

2, Send China Kundali
If your vedic horoscope(China Kundali) is made, please send a clear and easily readable photo of it.
Now various astrology service provider organizations have made China Kundali in pdf format, if it is made then email us or dm (message) us on social media.

If China Kundali is not made then send the following information.
Date Of Birth
Birth Time
Birth Place
If you want to prepare China Kundali in pdf format, click on this link and get information.

3, Payment
You can send the payment information to us via email, social network or website by paying the fee as per our rules.

4, Ease of conversation
You can select the option to chat according to your time and place.
Like – video call, audio call, audio message, live chat or offline message.

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Special Information
We provide expert services only from experienced people who have obtained the post of Masters in Astrology.

We also provide experienced educated and professional people to make china, take various measures to get the positive influence of the planet and perform religious activities at home or outside the home or at a suitable place.

for online servise in nepali

अनलाइन सेवा online service

मुख्य शिर्षकहरू
मुख्य पाेस्ट

सम्बन्धित पाेस्ट

वैदिक ज्योतिषमा केतु: भाग्य र मुक्तिकाे मार्गदर्शक।

वैदिक ज्योतिषमा राहु: रहस्य र इच्छाको स्वामी !

“Ketu’s Tapestry: Threads of Destiny in Vedic Astrology”

How to use Nepali astrology service from abroad?